Rent Ferrari 488 Spider red in Dubai

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The Ferrari 488 Spider is the perfect choice for a rental in Dubai.

Ferrari – a brand of cars known throughout the world. If you rent, a supercar like Ferrari is an indicator of what you know on which cars it makes sense to spend money. Spider is a model that has a number of changes and is very different from other models released earlier. Inside the car is the V8 by 3.4 liters, and its power reaches a very impressive six hundred and seventy horsepower.

Rent Ferrari in Dubai in different color.

The main engineers of Ferrari made a number of key changes in the design of the car, the brake system underwent a change, for your safety the carbon-ceramic products from Brembo will answer. The Ferrari 488 Spider is the best choice for the Autobahn in Dubai.

Price (AED)
Price USD
10 000 AED (2740$)
Day limit (km/day)
250 km

Rent Ferrari 488 Spider red in Dubai

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