Rent MERCEDES BENZ G63 AMG White in Dubai

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Mercedes Benz G63 amg white is a bright, representative SUV for hire in Dubai.

Mercedes Benz G63, or “Gelendvagen” is easily recognized by its sharp features, and at the same time it can not be called tasteless, it has its own charm. Initially, the G63 was simply a car designed to conquer the off-road, it lacked the attributes of comfort, but with the acquisition of popularity in the helicopter began to invest an order of magnitude more funds, the design has undergone a number of changes, and now the cabin is strewn with electronics – there is cruise control, a differential control system , Smart navigator. Now it’s a monster with a brutal appearance, just monstrous

Rent Mercedes-Benz G63 in Dubai in different color.

Engine, and a supermodern saloon. Take this car for hire in Dubai and experience it yourself, the G63 has an inexpressible character.

Price (AED)
Price USD
Day limit (km/day)
250 km

Rent MERCEDES BENZ G63 AMG White in Dubai

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